To the Future with Do Good

I started Do Good because I was posting my art on social media and people started wanting my stuff on hats and t-shirts. For a 16 year-old that was an amazing experience and along the way I have made plenty of mistakes and had a ton of fun. Now that I am getting to be older it is time to step-up and make Do Good and its community of supporters better. So I have decided to make some changes that I will think are for the better for all of us.

Do Good needs to grow for it to be sustainable so I am getting help with operations and marketing. We need to increase our community through social media and in other ways. We need to get better at delivering on promises to the Do Good community and our suppliers.  

Do Good will not change as a brand. We are and will always be about people and not the clothes.

What this means to you as a members of the Do Good community.

Monthly drops of limited availability collections

Core product offerings that will always be available

Fewer sales

Thank you for being a member of the Do Good community.



  • Super blessed for sure.
    Did we meet in Portland, Oregon near the Burnside skate park se area?

    Amy Struloeff
  • this is a beautiful project that has lost of potential to change the world. all it takes is support and exposure (people doing good things)

    azaria (@uhzaria)
  • everything is dope and so cute! can’t wait to get my package :-) ily stay rad

  • Glad to have seen you grow in your brand and as a person. You know I’ve been rockin with you since the start and will continue to in the coming years. I have 20+ items from this brand and plan on adding more to the collection. – DoGoodForever

    Kamryn Keith (@TrapKam)
  • Luv dis brand fuck ya


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